Sitemap - 2022 - Rockin' The Third Act

'Tis The Season of Traditions

"The Ragged Socks of Hope"

The Story Of A Purposeful Meander

Confessions Of A Pleasure Piggy

A Story About A Dream That Came True

If You Love Your Job Please Don't Retire

A Glimpse Into The Good Life

Medicare 101 And Some Newsletter Changes

How I Combined Connections, Wellness and FUN in a Single Glorious Fall Morning

OK, Kids, What Did You Do This Summer?

How To Make Friends in Retirement

Ageism Sucks - but maybe not in the way you're thinking

Yoga Was My Gateway Drug

Find A Way To Find Your Tribe

The Best of The Web for Every Pillar

Maybe We're All In This Together

Your Life is a Better Benchmark Than The S&P 500

Grow Up and Act Like An Adult

See You Tomorrow!

Do Not Get Up from the Table Until You Have Finished All of Your... Meat!

Should You Carry Debt into Retirement?

Concrete Steps You Can Take for a Rockin' Third Act

Come With Me on a Beautiful Hike

Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud: Bad Habits Can Become Addicting In Retirement

Life Is Good! (Because You've Decided It Is Good)

Some Inspiring Success Stories

Which Retirement Journey Path Are You On?

Purpose: Identity Bridging

Happy Birthday Rockin' The Third Act!

Wellness: The Bountiful Season of Spring!

Connections: Couple's Edition!

Financial: Is Uncle Sam Gunning For you?

Wellness: You Get Knocked Down But YOU Get Up Again!

FUN! My Obsession With Airbnb

Focus: Connections - Make New Friends But Keep The Old

Focus:Financial-Your Budget, Set It and Forget It? Forget It!

Focus: Wellness - Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Focus - Purpose: The Ethereal Cloud of Purpose

The Best of the Web for Every Pillar

Focus: Financial - Fall Down Go Crash

Focus: Wellness - The Clutter of the Second Act

Where Have You Been?